Saturday 26 December 2020

10 yrs streaming and over 400+ hrs of archives... (we lost a few!)

Over 10 yrs of live online radio shows from the Phat Pilgrim DJs. 

Originally streamed Live on every Friday from 5-7pm gmt. 

Always live, no prepared mixes, mixed from the heart and minds of 3 breaks junkies, expect to hear breaks, beats & phat ass basslines. Thank Phat it's Friday 2009-2016 w/ a9ent0ran9e aka Phat Pilgrim, Damn Right & Will MD. After 7yrs and 360 shows on nsbradio the crew decided to call it a day feeling it was the best time to hang up their DJ coats with Damn in India & Will in Portugal.

Will MD renamed himself Phat Farmer with Phat Pilgrims (RIP) blessing and took on the challenge of hosting his own show with Phat Beats on the Farm 2016 until 2020. 

Having started a new life on a farm in the remote Portuguese countryside on the lowerside of a mountain in 2015, it proved challenging at times, least of all for the lack of funds to fuel the music passion and expand the never ceasing music collection.

Life is ever changing and evolving. 

Now with a loving fiancé and a baby girl on the way (Feb 2021!), currently living in a small wooden cabin on the in-laws land. The virus wrecked plans for holding several events on the farm along with the dynamic changing, the farm no longer suited the ideals, plus requiring more money than had been originally anticipated to re-model, it finds itself now on the market! 5yrs of hard work gone, but not forgotten. Lots learned along the way. Again Will finds himself in an unstable living position, hoping to at some point acquire a small parcel of land of his own to accommodate his new family and the forever dream of a studio!

Lets see what 2021 has to bring. Life in Portugal continues, just in a very different capacity than before. 

The blog will remain here as a testament to what Bruce (RIP), Damien and Will achieved over 10+ yrs of online streaming and radio fun times.

Lots of memories, many parties and festivals and the beloved breakspoll... not forgetting the NSBRADIO fam, yes yes. 

Please feel free to search the archives for mixes, there are over 200 shows available to d/l, 

TPIF show 190 > 360 and Phat Beats sessions 1 > 64

Peace Will MD aka Phat Farmer

p.s I hope to be back on the airwaves again at some point, once a solid internet connection is acquired that is capable of video and somewhere to put the studio gear! Until then... 

Peace Won Love 

Monday 13 July 2020

The Last Show! Session #65

Session #65 

The Final Mix on nsbradio

So much love and gratitude to all the nsbradio listeners and the podcast crew over the last 11 yrs for tuning in to TPIF & PBOTF. It's been a wild ride, lots of memories made and shared. I had no idea the travels, the people I would meet, the experiences gained would all amount from playing on an internet radio station.

This is not good bye, more of like, see you around!

Direct Download -> Show #65
Get the Podcast -> iTunes

1. Die 3 Millionen Musketiere - Dominik Eulberg
2. Pass The Sickbag - Gella
3. Fear - Way out west
4. Your Girl - Evil Nine
5. Cracks (Ctrl Z remix) - FREESTYLERS, The feat BELLE HU
6. Bass Association - Far Too Loud
7. One Time 4 The DJ (DJ Icey Remix) - Tony Faline
8. Everything (Youthful Implants Remix) - Geon
9. Snakebyte - Drumattic Twins
10. Get Wild (Bassbin Twins Remix) - Stanton Warriors
11. Play For Real (Left/Right, Digital Pizza Remix) - The Crystal Method
12. Falling (Left/Right & Digital Pizza Remix) - Backdraft, Ebere
13. New World Order - Robosapiens
14. I Like To Party (Freerange DJs Remix) - Caninesounds
15. Chris Carter (Product.01 Remix) - Future Funk Squad
16. I Dont Have Enough Money (Access Denied Remix) - Kombainer
17. Everybody Loves a 303 (Plump DJs Remix) - Fatboy Slim
18. The Wobble - Mr MaDJestyk
19. Stompin - Baobinga & ID
20. Beat Map - Wardian
21. Stop In My Mind - 4kuba
22. Burning Up - Peo De Pitte
23. Up For the Possee - Deekline & Wizard
24. Perpetual Motion (Colombo Remix) - Geon
25. Ghost (Colombo Remix) - Geon
26. Destiny - 4kuba
27. Enough Bong Ft  Crosby (Will MD Refix) -Mr Bong vs Enough Weapons
28. In Breaks We Trust - Beatman & Ludmilla
29. Rumble in the Jungle - Zeds Dead
30. Symmetry (Viro & Rob Analyze Rimix - Isis Signum
31. Once Again - I.D.
32. Love Your Life - Ed Solo & Skool Of Thought Fea
33. Our Sound (DaVip Remi)x - Pixel Fist
34. Supafrequency - FREEFALL COLLECTIVE
35. Back 2 Basics (Davip Remix) - Mars & Motive feat. MC Profit
36. White Off - 601
37. Optobot (Pio Beat Remix) -  Audium
38. Boogie Down - Offkey, Shodan
39. Bad Selection (Mars Remix) - Afghan Headspin

Big Love, Nuff Respect (inner area) <<<<(-*-)>>>>


Will MD (aka Phat Farmer)

Saturday 4 July 2020

Phat Beats on the Farm S65 - Last Show

Here's the Mixcloud, go give it a listen, like and share.
The d/l will be available in a few days.

Thanks for the support over the years.

Big Love, Nuff Respect (inner area) <<<<(-*-)>>>>


Will MD aka Phat Farmer

Sunday 12 April 2020

Session #64 10th April 2020 - Youtube link

Session #64 10th April 2020 

Here is Friday's mix...

I had fluff on the needle at some point, there's a little glitchy bit!
Also the video goes out of sync to the music for 25 mins or so in the middle, not sure what happened, I am still working out encoding and sometimes it messes up for me! Hope you enjoy the big phat bassy lovelyness.


Will MD (aka Phat Farmer)

Sunday 15 March 2020

Phat Beats on the Farm - #63

Session #63 6th March 2020 

Having not mixed for 4-5 weeks, not even touched the turntables or turned the mixer on I was a bit sceptical as to how the show would turn out... Well, what to say, here you will find 4 hours of phat breaks and beats for your ears to enjoy, bodies to bounce around to and make the neighbours join in with some wall thumping goodness. I really enjoyed mixing the tunes, all unplanned, as always. I hope you enjoy the final outcome. Peace

Direct Download -> Show #63
Get the Podcast -> iTunes

Will MD (aka Phat Farmer)

1. Veil - Khesis
2. Beings Below - Nixon
3. Gods - Colombo
4. The Freq - 219 Boys
5. One/Two - Left/Right/Dread MC/Body Blow
6. Redlight (Left/Right remix ) - Skiitour/Marten Horger
7. The Music Ain't Over - 23 PSI
8. Narayan - The Prodigy
9. Parks On Fire (Beatman and Ludmilla Remix) - Plastic Shell
10. Ill Not Sick (Deekline Remix) Rodney P, Simian Frenzy
11. Badman V.I.P. - Kissy Sell Out, Sirmo
12. Found My Peace (feat BBK) - COLOMBO
13. Favela - Barely Royal, Bunnie & Mij Mack
14. Nine Ways (Plump DJs Remix) - JDS
15. Light Fantastic - Plump DJs
16. Out Of Our Minds - Sangers & Ra, Marten Hørger
17. Mechanical Pressure - Fearless Hyena
18. Keep on Doing - Stanton Warriors
19. Jerk - Mechanical Pressure
20. In Your Eyes - UFO Project
21. I Want You - Khesis, Tyler Clacey
22. Get Ready 4 tha Drop (DJ Direct Remix) - The Ragga Twins, Charlotte Devaney
23 Chutney Beat - Keith Mackenzie, Yo Speed
24. Dingo - Stephen Cole
25. Sun Comes Down - Mutantbreakz, Yo Speed
26. Get 'Em High - Stanton Warriors Feat Sway
27. Take Me To The Hospital (Adam F & Horx Remix) - The Prodigy
28. The Wobble - Mr MaDJestyk
29. Don't Be So Drumattic - Drumattic Twins
30. Engine - Elite Force
31. Ghost (Colombo Remix) - Geon
32. Morpheus - Koma & Bones
33. Enough Bong Ft  Crosby (Beatsmack Remix) - Mr Bong vs Enough Weapons
34. Ragga Tip - Deekline Ed Solo
35. Up For the Possee - Deekline & Wizard
36. Rhythm Prism - Hedflux
37. K1 - Aloka
38. Your Girl - Evil Nine
39. Superman - Se7en Deadly Breaks
40. Supersonic (Eshericks Remix - Enough Weapons
41. Solstice - Karl Sav
42. The Fonk - Badjokes
43. Godzilla - MMEE
44. Tell You - Patch Notes
45. Unreal - Freestylers
46. Roll Dope Rhymes - Plump DJs
47. Jaws (Phlegmatic Dogs Remix) - AC Slater, Acid Mouth
48. Gorecki (Hacker Remix)
49. Get Wild (Bassbin Twins Remix)- Stanton Warriors
50. Gosh (Left/Right Remix) - Jamie xx
51. Bad At Parties - Freerange DJs
52. Tweaked Out - Splitloop
53. The Quarantine - Conectivers
54. To the Beat of the Drum - La Luna
55. Jack That - Access Denied Remix - The Occult
56 RaveyTrain (48k Remix) - Prato
57. Say Hello (Triple Agent Remix) - Cage Page
58. Robots - Robosapiens
59. Without Bikinis - White Papoo
60. Stick Up - Pyramid
61. Meeting (Cellardore Remix) - BreaksMafia
62. If Only I Could (100Me 2012 Remix) - Fusion Groove Orchestra
63. Gangsta Shit - Doc Zee
64. Super Sharp Shooter - Dj Zinc

Peace 1 <3

Phat Beats on the Farm #62

Session #62 27th December 2019 

After a joyful Christmas the 27th rolled around... an epic show ensued. Unplanned, phat breaks and beats to enjoy and make you move your feet.

Direct Download -> Show #62
Get the Podcast -> iTunes

Will MD (aka Phat Farmer)

1. Into the Deep - Adham Shaikh
2. Ritual Actions - Isea-N
3. Mindfields - The Prodigy
4. Todora - Kaya Project
5. Loser's Hymn - Talaboman
6. Dare Gorillaz - Pollyn Remix
7. Let Me Be Inspired - Jiminy Hop
8. Work It Out - Extra Medium
9. ?
10. Losing It (Left/Right Remix) - Fisher
11. Get It Down - General MIDI
12. This Generation - Tyler Clacey
13. Smoke & Mirrors - Atomic Hooligan
14. Die 3 Millionen Musketiere - Dominik Eulberg
15. Ember - Fretwell
16. Veil - Khesis
17. King Kong (HI-LO Touch) (Extended Mix) - Oliver Heldens
18. Time To Relax (Left/Right Remix - Gabe
19. Dodgin' Fedz - Tyler Clacey
20. Commit Da Blitz - ?
21. Plug Me In (Madox Remix) - Rob Reng
22. Hybrid - Sin Instrumental
23. Fussy Boy - Instant Coffee Vandal Remix
24. Control Freak - ?
25. Mitsuko - Bushbaby
26. You Got Me Burning (UFO Project Remake) - DubRocca
27. Living In Black (Myagi Remix) - Farace
28. Godzilla - MMEE
29. Roll Dope Rhymes - Plump DJs
30. Come Together (RVMPD) - Primal Scream, Elite Force, Deadmau5
31. Lugano - VillaNaranjos

Peace 1 <3

Wednesday 11 March 2020

Thanks for your support over the years, but now can you help?

If you're out there and you are able to help us live our dream please keep reading on.

I don't know who you are, but all I know, everytime we 3 stepped behind the decks, we would have an amazing 2-4 hours of broken beats, mixing tunes, blazing down and enjoying a few drinks and an amazing chatroom on whilst having an absolute blast.

I (Will MD) am now living on a farm in Portugal (for 4.5 yrs), flying drones, filming and editing.
Damn Right is in India travelling around selling t-shirts, DJing and living the creative life.
Bruce unfortunately is no longer with us (RIP Bro).

This blog so far has been 10 yrs of my life, 7 amazing and epic years with Bruce aka a9ent0ran9e aka Phat Pilgrim (RIP brother) and not forgetting the talented breaktionary master Damn Right, whom without all this would have not been possible.
If you hunt around the interweb for a9ent0ran9e & Phat Pilgrim you will find plenty more dotted around. I am sure his Widowed Wife would appreciate a little royalty check out of the moon!

Please find:

Thank Phat it's Friday shows #190 > #360 = 170+ shows
Phat Beats on the Farm Sessions = 60 shows

Here is the direct server link where you will find all the files that have been uploaded

The playlists are all found within this blog.

Thank You for your kind words over the years, here's to new beginnings and hopefully following our dreams. I have many mixes to upload, finding the time to do it, I must.

Peace Won Love

Will MD