Tuesday 16 July 2019

Mixcloud link - Session #59

Phat Beats on the Farm Session #59

Session #59 12th July 2019 

Getting the hang of mixing on the 1200's once again... It's amazing how we retain the ability to use equipment even when we have not used it for many years... Annoyingly my usual way of recording decided to go whack this week, so I have a lesser quality copy of the stream that was captured during the live stream. I feel it is still worthy of your ears... 


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Will MD (aka Phat Farmer)

1. Into the Deep - Adham Shaikh
2. Ritual Actions - Isea-N
3. Serpents Tale - Medicine Drum
4. Shock Out - Lady Waks and Marten Horger
5. Mitsuko - Bushbaby
6. Pop Ya Virus - Stanton Warriors
7. Switched (Cutline Remix) - Mindflow
8. Total Recall (Eshericks Remix) - Afghan Headspin
9. Time Is Up - (Unsure of Artist)
10. Gangsta Shit - Doc Zee
11. Sun is Shining - Bob Marley - Smoke out Dubstep remix
12. Bitchcraft - Kahn, Commodo, Gantz
13. Soundclash - RACKNRUIN
14. Game Control - Freefall Collective
15. Lights (Bassnectar Remix) - Ellie Golding
16. Raise Your Weapon (Noisia Remix) - Deadmau5
17. Gold Dust (Prime Remix) - DJ Fresh
18. The Coming Storm - Freestylers
19. Outta Space - Deekline ft Top Cat
20. Got To Be You - Antiform
21. Mash It Up (Freefall Collective Remix) - KL2, Steppa Style
22. Love Your Life - Ed Solo & Skool Of Thought
23. Dilema (Plastic Shell Remix) - Pilot
24. Get Down (The Breakfastaz Remix) - Koma and Bones
25. All Your Love - Deekline & Wizard

Peace 1 <3

Saturday 6 July 2019

Mixcloud Link -Session #58

Mixcloud link...

Phat Beats on the Farm Session #58

Session #58 5th July 2019

Having not uploaded any shows in several months (literally) I feel I should apologise and also say Thank You to the few of you that follow any of my progress here. This year has been one of the hardest in my life, but also one of the best!

This set was streamed Live on 5th July 2019 making it the latest show to be aired.

I have recorded all of the previous shows, having the time to sort them all out might, realistically, not happen, but who knows. I can only try to get them up. What's the best that can happen?

I really enjoyed mixing this set, I am finally happy with the setup I have and everything seems to have clicked with how I am using it. I hope you enjoy the final outcome. There were lots of postive comments flying through the chatroom about it and I got goose bumps a few times during the performance. As with all the sets that any of the DJs that have been on our show, nothing is pre-planned, all on the fly mixing, tune selection etc


Direct Download -> Show #58
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Will MD (aka Phat Farmer)

1. Hankering - Colombo
2. Zion - The Brainkiller
3. Unique 3 (Run Riot Remix) - Rocks The Bass
4. Show Me How Funky - ilLegal Content
5. Falling (Left/Right & Digital Pizza Remix) - Backdraft, Ebere
6. Symmetry (Viro & Rob Analyze Remix) - Isis Signum
7. Get Down (The Breakfastaz Remix) - Koma and Bones
8. Dusk 'Til Dawn - Stereo Type, Screwface, Ctrl Z
9. Sin (Instrumental) - Hybrid
10. Rhythm Prism - Hedflux
11. Enough Bong (Will MD Refix) - Mr Bong vs Enough Weapons
12. Ragga Tip - Deekline Ed Solo
13. The Sleeper - Phokus
14. Audium (Pio Beat Remix) - Optobot
15. Back 2 Basics (Davip Remix) - Mars & Motive feat. MC Profit
16. Rush Hour (Quadrat Beat Remix) - Breaking News
17. Mitsuko - Bushbaby
18. Lose Control (Guau Remix) - Arsa Ketoma
19. Bass Effex (Hedflux Remix) - Monk3ylogic
20. Isolate (Eshericks Remix) - Future Funk Squad, The Crystal Method
21. Venusia (Anarchy Rice Remix) - Electric Soulside
22. Luka - Beat Assassins
23. MSG (Karton Remix) - Afghan Headspin
24. Predator Clan - Electric Soulside
25. Put This Beat To Rest - Colombo
26. The Hotness - Beat Assassins feat. The Ragga Twins & Yolander
27. K2 - Aloka
28. Your Girl - Evil Nine
29. Superman (VIP) - Se7en Deadly Breaks
30. Tweaked Out - Splitloop
31. Actually - Odi Diaz
32. The Gravity - Afternoon Diesel

Peace 1 <3

Tuesday 2 July 2019

28th June 2019 Mix on Youtube...

Streamed live and recorded for your entertainment. 

Playlist found within the video. Enjoy