Wednesday 11 March 2020

Thanks for your support over the years, but now can you help?

If you're out there and you are able to help us live our dream please keep reading on.

I don't know who you are, but all I know, everytime we 3 stepped behind the decks, we would have an amazing 2-4 hours of broken beats, mixing tunes, blazing down and enjoying a few drinks and an amazing chatroom on whilst having an absolute blast.

I (Will MD) am now living on a farm in Portugal (for 4.5 yrs), flying drones, filming and editing.
Damn Right is in India travelling around selling t-shirts, DJing and living the creative life.
Bruce unfortunately is no longer with us (RIP Bro).

This blog so far has been 10 yrs of my life, 7 amazing and epic years with Bruce aka a9ent0ran9e aka Phat Pilgrim (RIP brother) and not forgetting the talented breaktionary master Damn Right, whom without all this would have not been possible.
If you hunt around the interweb for a9ent0ran9e & Phat Pilgrim you will find plenty more dotted around. I am sure his Widowed Wife would appreciate a little royalty check out of the moon!

Please find:

Thank Phat it's Friday shows #190 > #360 = 170+ shows
Phat Beats on the Farm Sessions = 60 shows

Here is the direct server link where you will find all the files that have been uploaded

The playlists are all found within this blog.

Thank You for your kind words over the years, here's to new beginnings and hopefully following our dreams. I have many mixes to upload, finding the time to do it, I must.

Peace Won Love

Will MD

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