Tuesday 17 April 2012

Thank Phat It's Friday - Shows 131-133

Show 131-133 - 30th March - 13th April  2012
So the TPIF crew is back in force as Will M D rejoins the team on NSB Radio. And being back together means being slack together, so here is the last three weeks worth of TPIF shows in one big phat post :)

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Show 131 (30/03/12) Part One : Will M D
Show 131 (30/03/12) Part Two : Damn Right & a9ent0ran9e
Show 132 (06/04/12) Four Hour Will M D Special
# Show 133 (13/04/12) Damn Right & a9ent0ran9e 

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Show 133 (13/04/2012) Tracklisting:

a9ent0ran9e Mix:
1.Frequency Riders (Line Of Sight Remix) - Beat Rangers
2.Your Dream Will Go - Colombo
3.Black Chrome (Vandal Remix) - Circuit Freq
4.Machines Can Do The Work (Afghan Headspin Remix) - Fatboy Slim, Herve
5.The Stick - Wardian
6.Hard Way - Plastic Shell
7.Lust For Life - Access Denied
8.The Mack - Ctrl-Z
DamnRight Mix:
1.Grey Tape - Peo De Pitte
2.Jewlez - Big Monster
3.Small Worls (Nuskool break mix) - Dirty Dubsters
4.Lose Yourself - Run Riot
5.Say Yes - Freestylers
6.Ruffest - Bassbin Twins
7.Ready 2 Rage (Robosapiens Remix) -Product.01
8.Ghost (Colombo remix) - Geon
  -second hour-
a9ent0ran9e Mix:
1.Here We Go Again - Under This
2.Shoot Me Down (Pyramid remix) - Stanton Warriors
3.Burning Up (Torqux,Twist Vs Elite Force Mix) - Peo De Pitte
4.Thunder - Prodigy
5.Trash The Disco -  Under This
6.Total Fucking Chaos - Resistor
7.Get High - Far Too Loud
8.Fix Your Shadow - a9ent0ran9e
DamnRight Mix:
1.For Efff Sake - Mesmer
2.When I Rage At You [Beat-Breaker Re-Fix] - Emalkay/601
3.Spirit Song 2012 - Toronto Is Broken
4.Flesh & Bone - Emalkay ft Rod Azlan
5.Jackpot - Elite Force
6.Ganja Tune - Radiokillaz
7.Murderer - Yoof (Sunz Of Mecha)
8.Club Shit - Atomic Hooligan
9.In the cold cold night - 2D