Saturday 26 December 2020

10 yrs streaming and over 400+ hrs of archives... (we lost a few!)

Over 10 yrs of live online radio shows from the Phat Pilgrim DJs. 

Originally streamed Live on every Friday from 5-7pm gmt. 

Always live, no prepared mixes, mixed from the heart and minds of 3 breaks junkies, expect to hear breaks, beats & phat ass basslines. Thank Phat it's Friday 2009-2016 w/ a9ent0ran9e aka Phat Pilgrim, Damn Right & Will MD. After 7yrs and 360 shows on nsbradio the crew decided to call it a day feeling it was the best time to hang up their DJ coats with Damn in India & Will in Portugal.

Will MD renamed himself Phat Farmer with Phat Pilgrims (RIP) blessing and took on the challenge of hosting his own show with Phat Beats on the Farm 2016 until 2020. 

Having started a new life on a farm in the remote Portuguese countryside on the lowerside of a mountain in 2015, it proved challenging at times, least of all for the lack of funds to fuel the music passion and expand the never ceasing music collection.

Life is ever changing and evolving. 

Now with a loving fiancé and a baby girl on the way (Feb 2021!), currently living in a small wooden cabin on the in-laws land. The virus wrecked plans for holding several events on the farm along with the dynamic changing, the farm no longer suited the ideals, plus requiring more money than had been originally anticipated to re-model, it finds itself now on the market! 5yrs of hard work gone, but not forgotten. Lots learned along the way. Again Will finds himself in an unstable living position, hoping to at some point acquire a small parcel of land of his own to accommodate his new family and the forever dream of a studio!

Lets see what 2021 has to bring. Life in Portugal continues, just in a very different capacity than before. 

The blog will remain here as a testament to what Bruce (RIP), Damien and Will achieved over 10+ yrs of online streaming and radio fun times.

Lots of memories, many parties and festivals and the beloved breakspoll... not forgetting the NSBRADIO fam, yes yes. 

Please feel free to search the archives for mixes, there are over 200 shows available to d/l, 

TPIF show 190 > 360 and Phat Beats sessions 1 > 64

Peace Will MD aka Phat Farmer

p.s I hope to be back on the airwaves again at some point, once a solid internet connection is acquired that is capable of video and somewhere to put the studio gear! Until then... 

Peace Won Love 

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