Wednesday 12 September 2018

Thank you for your continued support...

Dear Thank Phat Followers. I thank you for your patience, this summer has been a bit mental with festivals, filming and life!

I got to work at Boom Festival, Portugal as a Sound Technician on the main stage (dance temple). It was an absolutely insane experience that I will never forget. I got the joy of being in charge of the DJ booth as I am a DJ for the week once we'd got everything setup and plugged in, No pressure then! The whole of Boom was next level as always. The sound system & the guys the put the whole show together are an amazing team of people, I have to thank Becky for the link up, Claudio for being an absolute legend, Fernando for his insight & technical skills, Deigo, Eloy, Danny, Wilma and all the guys at Fluge, Spain for letting me be involved. A whole small city of people creating something for 1 week every 2 years. It is an amazing experience if you have not been I can only highly suggest that you get there at some point in your life to experience The Boom.

Half of the amp racks! 24,000w each & there were 46 of them

Outboard gear & Fernando's M41

D&B Audio Technik - Over 1.1 million watts!
Dance Temple DJ booth I was in charge of!
A few weeks later got to play at Urban Jungle, Portugal. Big ups to Steve, Oldie, Tico, all the Urban Jungle Crew, Big ups yourselves. I had the privilege of playing 3 sets during the weekend, each set was different and went down well. Big ups to the Spanish krew bouncing around and having it large on the dance floor. You're the reason I love DJing & throwing on big phat bassy tunes.

Finally back in the studio with some time to upload shows and edit.



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