Sunday 1 July 2018

Phat Beats On The Pharm Session #48 - Freekuency Festival 2018 Set

Session #48

In this set I replicated my unplanned live set from Freekuency Festival. I had a couple hicups during this re-do, it's live, needle fluff happens & random glitches occur! Big ups to Freekuency and all the support that I received from their crew. It went off big, I had a lot of fun and hope that I will be back there next year for some more Breaks funtimes. Nothing beats playing on an Element5 sound system with a crowd bouncing around at your feet. Would have been nice to be on the dancefloor and not behind the decks during my set... can't have it all ways though! Enjoy

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Will MD (aka Phat Farmer)

1. Gods - Colombo
2. Heart Player - Colombo
3. Rock This - Aggresivnes
4. Freak - DJ Bross
5. This Night - Yo Speed
6. Booty Shakes - Aggresivnes
7. Hard Love (Reloaded Mix) - Guau
8. Come Again - Pyramid, Kelvin 373
9. Badman V.I.P. - Kissy Sell Out, Sirmo
10. Non Stop - FM-3
11. Lose Control (Guau Remix) - Arsa Ketoma
12. Sun Comes Down - Mutantbreakz, Yo Speed
13. Camorra (Guau Remix) - Nosk
14. Favela - Barely Royal, Bunnie & Mij Mack
15. Life - Crawford
16. Gonna Take You Higher (Perfect Kombo Remix) - BeatJacker
17. Love Divine - Sub Focus
18. Unreal - Freestylers
19. Out Of Our Minds - Sangers & Ra, Marten Hørger
20. Do It Do It - Jason Laidback
21. Deep Vibez (Rico Tubbs Remix) - Joe C, Outselect
22. Protest Dirty - 601
23. Beings Below - Nixon
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Image grab from the promo vid...

Photo's taken by the very talented Cátia Barbosa

Peace 1 <3

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