Monday 23 April 2018

Finally... The New Router ARRIVED!

Yeah... so... like... The new router finally arrived! It got me super motivated to have a move around in the current space I call "the studio" and to create 2018's iteration of the DJ/Production Cave...

2.4ghz Q6600 watercooled, 4gb ram, GTx760 4gb, win7, tripple screen fun...
Bamboo create graphics tablet, a keyboard & mouse...
M-audio Conectiv Sound Card

MBP 2011, DJM750mk2, Dicers, Technics sl-1200mk2, Concorde Scratch carts, Sennheiser HD25 Amperior
Yamaha HS10w & HS50m Studio Monitors, Sennheiser mic
Dell Inspiron E1705 (bought new in 2007!) for streaming/chatroom
Behringer Ultracurve & Amp for PA

Sorry for the delay in uploads. They will be online in the next few days.

Peace One Love

Will MD

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