Thursday 20 June 2013

Help fix Tipper's heart.

Please help one of the world's greatest electronic musicians to raise money for his heart surgery by purchasing this EP. You'd be mad not to get this even if it wasn't for an important cause. Dave Tipper is an inspiration for us all.

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  1. From Tipper's Facebook. June 2013

    "I'm sure nobody wants a long cheesy speech, so i'll keep it short.
    Firstly, i'm out of the hospital after the most brutal week of my life and incredibly grateful to be alive and on the (pretty damn painful) road to recovery.
    It is of course still early days, but the surgeon has given me the thumbs up and seems happy with how the surgery went. I have read over this page and all of the comments on it and am absolutely blown away by how much love, encouragement and good intentions there are from all of you lovely people. It is for me personally, one of the most moving and humbling things i've witnessed from you guys in all the 22 years of my music making. I cannot thank you enough for your love and support.
    In addition to thanking you all, i'd also like to publicly thank the surgeon (Dr. Douglas Murphy) and all at the St. Joseph's Hospital in Atlanta, GA.
    Also to my friends, family and my manager for sticking close to me through all of this.
    Much love and respect,