Sunday 19 December 2010

Thank Phat Its Friday with Damn Right, a9ent0ran9e & Will D

Show 66 17th December 2010
 (After a week off due to the wonderful internet people chopping my connection!)

Damn Right gets the session started with a brand new cut from the freestylers and keeps the vibe up and bouncing with some funky acid dubness.

Next up and surging into some wobbly grooves, a9ent0ran9e keeps it deep and heavy on this little head trip.

The session shifts into phat tearout as will D wields the audio whirlwind in this epic breakbeat finale.

Damn Right

1.Say yes - Freestytlers 
2.Burning Skull - Dub elements
3.I want you - Splitloop (dub)
4.Paranoia - Access Denied
5.Infectados - Destroyers, Aggressivness - Torque remix
6.Drop that beat - Freerange Djs - Afgan headspin remix
7.Woppa - Bassbin Twins
8.Retreat - Datsik - Elite force remix
9.Small worlds - Dirty Dubsters - Nuskool breaks mix
10.Backyard - Beatman, Ludmilla - The analogeeks remix


1.Cracks - Freestylers - Ctrl-Z Remix
2.Everybody Needs A Bassline - Run Riot
3.Get Me Back - Aoo&ooA, Andrey Mute - Mars Remix
4.Volatile - Firefarm - Pyramid Remix
5.Turn Limiter Off! - BreakZhead - Quadratbeat Remix
6.Torque Of The Devil - Plump DJs
7.About To Fall - FFS, Beatman.. - Eshericks Remix
8.Dirty Secrets - Odissi - Hedflux Remix
9.Underworld Boogie - Jellyfish, Anderey Mute..
10.Destrukt - Product.01 - Kraymon remix

Damn B2B a9ent0ran9e

1.Delve and Lunge - Perpetual present
2.Prysma - Xstorsion - kid digital remix

Will D

1.White out - Vent
2.Channel blocker - Plastic shell
3.Smack my bitch up - THe Prodigy
4.Supersonic - Enough weapons - Eshericks remix
5.Bass association - Far too loud
6.Real body shock - Access denied
7.Freebird - Audiosauce - Rogue element remix
8.Highspeed lullaby - Hypeartist - Left/ right remix
9.Exteshic - Conectivers & bikto - Mars remix

Archive - Roughly 2 Hours & 110mb

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