Monday 29 November 2010

Thank Phat Its Friday with Will D, a9ent0ran9e & Damn Right

Show 64 26th November 2010

Starting the show off with Will D throwing down some tunes & then losing power...switching it to the o'l skool vinyl flavour.

Stepping up to the midi controllers of doom, a9ent0ran9e with a mix of tech-psy-hypnofunk!

Damn Right bringing it in o'l skool style on the 1's & 2's following the mix up with some epic breaks vinyl & digital style.


Will D

1.Supersonic - Enough Weapons - Eschericks Remix
2.Organizized - Left/Right & Digital Pizza
3.Sweet Sweet Love - Agent K
*SOME technical difficulties....*
4.break - affinity - Ils remix
5.mad cow - plump djs
6.Ganja Madness - Phuture Assassins - Backdraft Remix
7.Turn the page - vent
8.No Stress - Taishan - Club Mix
9.Sensi - Dual Calibre


1.What you gonna do? - Neurodriver, Atomic drop - kickflip remix
2.Break me - Quest & Odissi
3.Sweet acid - Jellyfish, Andrey Mute Dub mix.
4.Light & Dark - Lee Coombs - Neurodriver Remix
5.Box Cake - Afghan Headspin
6.level up - Davip
7.Heep Hoop - Colombo
8.Kung Fu Funk - Ctrl z & Screface
9.GDMFSOB - Dj Shadow
10.Don't be so drumattic - Drumattic Twins

Damn Right

1.The Raid - Jinx
2.Morpheus - Koma & Bones - Rennie Pilgrim Remix
3.Burning Skulls - Dub Elements
4.Encoded - Vent
5.killer flute - The Brainkiller
6.Playing with Knives - DJ Swifty B
7.Injected with a Poison - Praga Khan - Krafty Kuts remix
8.ready to Rage - Product.01
9.The Law of Life - Elite Force - Access Denied remix
10.Obsession - Rogue Element

Archive - Roughly 2 Hours & 110mb

Direct Download - Nsb - TPIF - 2010 11 26
(Right click - Save link as / Save as)



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