Friday, 21 April 2017

Phat Beats with the Pham #1 with Will MD and Phat Pilgrim

Phat Beats with the Pham - Broadcast 24th February 2017 

A show of epic, proportions... Will MD back in England after a 1200 mile drive from his farm in Portugal. Olives, unfiltered cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, french cheeses, breads and red wine... What a tasty concoction to tantalise the senses. Will MD throwing down the first set setting the vibe for what follows. Musically flowing from the heart Phat Pilgrim showing you how it's done. Expect to hear some phat breaks, beats and down right durty basslines. Enjoy.


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Will MD aka The Phat Pharmer
Its coming, I promise...

Phat Pilgrim
1. Smokey Joe's (Beat Fatigue Remix) - Cheshire
2. Kick Glitch feat. BBK - BBK, Dirty Stab, Aeon Flex
3. Energy Vibration (Mouldy Soul Remix) - Hedflux, Neurodriver
4. Smack - Crush, Vent
5. Acid Swing - Access Denied, Gordy
6. Whatta Joint - Kool Hertz
7. Mad Science - Nibit
8. Realizer - The Crystal Method
9. UB Devoid - Way Out West

Will MD aka The Phat Pharmer
Seriously, its coming, I promise...

Phat Pilgrim
1. Intuition - Dirtyloud
2. Planet Sick - Far Too Loud
3. Make That Bass Bounce (Vampy Remix) - Ryan Enzed
4. Wonky (Plump DJ's Mix) - Orbital
5. Dysfunction - Teddy Killerz
6. White Off - 601
7. BK3 - Beta, Karl Sav
8. New Day ft Kate Havnevik - Beatman and Ludmilla
9. God Particle - Deformaty
10. Intensity - Geon
11. Half Life - Phat Pilgrim

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